Let's Dye with Indigo!

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Let's Dye with Indigo!


5 lesson online workshop


Return to the days of magical thinking, of childlike thinking, of tinkering, wondering, and creating. Together, let's keep a skylike mind and explore the possibilities! Let's dye with indigo!

This is a 5 week online exploration of indigo dyeing featuring practical information based on my now 8 year obsession with this blue dyestuff.

Most of what I know, I know through trial and error and I am still learning. I kept the same vat going for 7 years and this year redid the vat. I have experimented with various other types of vats as well. I have traveled to Japan to work and learn from an indigo dyer there and took what I learned in that brief time to heart. If you take this class, be prepared to fall in love...with indigo.

The workshop consists of two parts-a site where the lessons themselves exist and a linked site where the student forum exists. The student forum is where you can post your own results and see the posts of others who choose to interact in this way. I answer questions and comments on both.

The five weeks will look something like this:

week one

-making and maintaining various types of indigo vats and the differences I have encountered with each. Choosing the type of vat that suits your needs and circumstances. We will start off the class by dyeing a yard of sky fabric- in keeping with my 2012 philosophy of maintaining a "skylike mind".

week two

-itajime patterning with indigo: small and large cloth

week three

stitched shibori and indigo: tips, design, and learning patience

week four

-creating cloth for contemporary boro- moons, stars and other techniques

week five

-ombre dyeing with indigo and combining this with other techniques for stunning and unusual results.

there will be some surprises along the way!


Materials will consist of basic ingredients for the type of indigo vat you choose to work with, various natural fabrics you wish to use, as well as basic dye and shibori equipment/materials. Upon signing up for the workshop you will gain access to the blog by registering for a free WordPress username (you may already have one) where Lesson One will discuss and help you choose the type(s) of vats you want to work with and the materials needed. If needed, help accessing a WordPress username will be provided.

Class includes audio, video, PDFs, and blog hosted workshop. Please consider your ability to access these aspects of the class and your internet speed. (Some who have slower access may need to let video load first before watching.)

The workshop is hosted on a private WordPress blog like with a separate attached student forum where you can post your work and interact with other participants. Lessons include PDFs, videos and audio. All video links are permanent, you may refer to them any time.

Prerequisites for this class include a sense of wonder and a willingness to get creative and fall in love...with indigo!

Allow 24 hours from time of purchase to be added to the workshop. You will receive a link immediately with the supply list and basic info but I will need to manually add you to the workshop and student forum sites.

Continuing posts will include information mainly about the fermentation vat.

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