Kantan Shibori Neck Scarf


Kantan Shibori Neck Scarf


Although the folding, pleating, and dyeing give it a complex look, this silk shibori scarf is very easy to wear.

Originally 12" x 60" before pleating it wears close to the neck, filling in a wide variety of simple necklines. Each scarf is hand dyed by me in my California studio using the arashi (pole wrapped) method. Pleats and dyes are steam set.

To wear, first wrap around the neck and tie a loose overhand knot. Next, pick up a pinch of fabric from the edge of each side of scarf and tie a second overhand knot with just that pinch of fabric and pull up snugly against the first knot. Each time you tie it it will form a unique and beautiful sculptural shape.

I have added a download to this item that gives you a link to a youtube video I made demonstrating the tying of this piece. You can see it here by copying and pasting this link:


100% silk with swarovski crystals stitched to the tips- dry cleanable.

wear and enjoy fabulously!

**color selection**

in second image starting at the top left and moving clockwise:

~purple mountains

~fall orchids


~it's complicated

Don't see your perfect color combo? Then choose "let's work it out" and I will contact you following your purchase to make one to order.

Please expect 2 weeks for this option.

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